I am happy to announce that the bone in my left arm is now healed and can start with slow exercises to rehabilitate it. The doctor told me it would take 8 weeks, however, it took only 5 1/2! This is the power of intention at work. Every day I would tell myself affirmations regarding my bone’s ability to heal. The body-mind connection is impressive.

I do have to take it easy though and be careful, so no complete hugs yet! Only on the right side, hahahaha.

I would like all of you to see how  freedom makes a whale very, very happy. This should teach us, once again, that all animals deserve to live freely in their own habitat and that it is our responsibility to conserve our planet, because it is mother to all the species that live in it.

Video: Humpback Whale Celebrates Freedom After Rescue
i know it’s great to go to Sea World and other marine parks to see sea animals up close, but just think how you would feel if you lived your whole life in a bathtub?
We should always protect each other and that means all living ad sentient beings in the world. We are all connected.





In Tijuana?

Yess! I am here and I was able to enjoy the beautiful Assembly all of you prepare with such love and enthusiasm! Thank you children and teachers and Miss Gaby and Miss Adriana and Miss Alma and Miss Martha and Miss Kathya and Miss Luly and EVERYBODY for making this very special event such a fantastic success! Did I leave someone out?

I am feeling much better, my shoulder is almost healed. However, when I was back in Denver I could hardly move my arm and I couldn’t write my blog, that is why I was absent for so long, but now I am back.

Congratulations to all of you for you dancing. You looked fabulous with you costumes. I think the Phantoms and their brides were simply delightful! The  Genies and the Jasmines were spectacular! Oh, and let’s not forget the Chinese ladies from Mulan with their lovely parasols and the Ninja warriors! Great 1920’s people from 5th. grade,  and fantastic Annies and waiters! Mary Poppin’s people, you were so elegant and tasteful! The brave lions reminded me of our brilliant Lion King production, while the three little Munshkins reminded of our Wizard of Oz production. The 2nd. graders were super cute as people from the a920’s. Of course, the Grease gang did a fantastic job with that rock n’ roll dance and costumes.

Your teachers are to be congratulated for the choreography and dedication!

I will be around ad hope to be present in some of the Bees! i wish you good luck and remember that winning is  not the most important thing, but doing your very best is!

I love you all! Oh…Miss Monica will be here in a few days!


Well kiddos I expect you had a wonderful Spring Holiday! Now you are back at school and I am back at writing to you with the hope of getting some feedback from you, which I haven’t had lately (from you and your teachers).

Here’s an inspirational story that I think will make you reflect upon ways you can also make a difference, either at school or at  home,  or  in your community.


I have another silk painting/quilt that I have finished, just have to mount it. I  also have made 13 small purses. There’s a lady here in my building who wants to buy two from me!


Today I started going to Boot Camp. Which is an exercise class that really makes you work out all the muscles that you didn’t even know existed! I took it easy today, but I was ecstatic when I ran two laps around the room! I used to run 6 miles a day back when I was 30 years old (not so long ago).  When the  coach told me I had to run around the room I was very scared because I have a knee implant and because I didn’t know how my other knee would react. Fortunately the floor is specially made for jumping, which means it has springs under it.

I am happy to say I felt no pain or discomfort and just jogged slowly, but I had to start somewhere. Knowing myself I will go into this with all my heart and soul, so I hope you are proud of me in a few months. I will let you know how I am doing.


Last night was a very fun night. The building where I live organizes events once in a while for its residents and their guests

So last night we had a “painting and wine night.”

Several artists came to the Club House, provided us with easels, canvas, brushes, water and a little towel and gave us several albums with photographs of  famous paintings from which we chose the one we liked, to copy it.

My guest was Miss Monica, my daughter, whom hadn’t painted since she was in Elementary School!

Both of us enjoyed the evening and the painting experience, which lasted two hours only.

We got to take our paintings home and I look forward to  August when they will have another successful Wine&Painting event.

I am thinking i might donate this painting to British American Institute’s library, so the students might have an example of what the Impressionist Painters did.

Impressionism was an Art movement that began in Paris in the 19th century. It is characterized by small  visible brush strokes and the depiction of light and ordinary subjects.

Some of the most famous Impressionist’s painters are:



Edgar Degas


Eduard Manet


Claude Monet


and this is my copy of one of Monet’s painting:


Mind you, it could be better, but I only had two hours to work on it.



I can’t wait to tell you! I got my card today from the US government which allows me to work here in the USA and to travel abroad. This means: Tijuana and BAI here I come!

I am so happy that I am planning on going in May. I still don’t know the date, but I know I will be there!

I just have to find out where I will leave Kitty and Bunny. This makes me sad, because I KNOW they will miss me a lot! The good thing is Denver is a pet friendly city and people here just loooove dogs! So I am sure I will find someone to take care of them who will love them too.

Today I spent about four hours in the pool and jacuzzi. It was a beautiful day. Right now the sun is setting behind the mountains that look a dark shade of navy blue. I can still catch a glimpse of the sun’s light, it is  bright orange and pink, but it is so fleeting it is now over and all is dark.

I send you all my love and know that I can’t wait to see you and give you a BEAR HUG. Just try not to squeeze too hard or throw me to the floor! Please!